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Well-being in employment

Professor Philip Stratton-Lake University of Reading Both Government and employers are increasingly concerned with their employees’ well-being. For instance in May a government report recommended that individual well-being should replace economic growth as a...

Our Trees for Reading initiative is now live

With our Trees for Reading initiative, we aim to bring more than 3,000 urban trees to Reading over the next five years. To make this possible, we’re looking for local organisations to sponsor their planting and care and inviting Reading residents to donate to our community tree planting fund.

Well-being in employment

Both Government and employers are increasingly concerned with their employees’ well-being. For instance in May a government report recommended that individual well-being should replace economic growth as a measure of economic success. But often well-being is not...

Building a community of ethical leaders

In the spring I had the privilege of leading a discussion for Ethical Reading on the idea of ‘ethical leadership’. Initially I wasn’t quite sure in what capacity I had been asked – I am a local councillor, a parliamentary candidate and I also run a small business...

Business, social purpose and me: the tale of an individual journey towards meaningful responsibility

Business delivers things societies want or need, from goods and services through to things like wealth creation and employment. However, businesses also enjoy a range of benefits from society (such as access to an educated workforce, reliable transport links, and the...
Ethical Reading exists to help organisations in Reading and their teams do the right thing by each other, the wider community and the environment, and to thrive in the process.

It’s all about supporting people to take a compassionate, respectful and responsible approach when making decisions at every level, from the board room to everyday interactions.

We want to encourage organisations of all kinds and their employees to make more ethical choices. We’ll do this by bringing people together at events with inspirational speakers and opportunities to share ideas, and by providing access to thought-provoking training resources. More…

Embracing ethics at work

By embedding ethics into the way they work day to day, organisations can make a more positive impact on employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment.

We also believe that taking an ethical approach to financial control and governance can have a positive effect on an organisation’s own finances as well as the wider economy.

We want to encourage people in Reading to incorporate ethical values into the DNA of the organisations they belong to. Find out more about our visions and aims.

While our initial focus is on our own local area, we believe that people and organisations everywhere could benefit from a greater focus on ethical values. Find out more about the concept of Ethical Cities

Join us on this exciting journey!

Healthy and Ethical Workplaces

UK workplaces face significant mental health and overall well-being challenges, with stress often being a major contributor. The human cost is huge, with poor mental health and well-being having an impact on the lives of many individuals and those around them.

Ethical Reading working collaboratively with specialists is helping to tackle this in organisations in and around Reading. Find out more…

Let’s work together

Whichever organisations you’re involved with and whatever your role, we need your help to make Ethical Reading a success. So whether you’re the CEO of a corporation, an intern at a start-up, a volunteer at a charity or work in the public sector, if this sparks your interest, we’d love you to become a member. Although our focus is mainly on Reading and the surrounding area, you don’t necessarily need a connection with Reading to join and get involved. All are welcome!

We’re also looking for organisations to join us as partners and to sponsor events.

Upcoming events

  1. February meetup: The power of effective listening

    February 25 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  2. Ethical Reading webinar: Are there moral facts?

    February 28 @ 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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Ethical Reading is a new not-for-profit social enterprise. We need your support in order to create online training resources and to continue running inspiring events and raising awareness of ethical issues. Thank you!

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