Code of Ethics

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Ethical Reading’s Code of Ethics

The purpose of a Code of Ethics (CoE) is to establish expected values and standards of behaviour for all organisation workers and representatives both internally and externally. For the CoE to be effective, these standards need to be embedded into the core processes and procedures inside the organisation.
You can view Ethical Reading’s own CoE here.

Code of Ethics template and guidelines

We have also produced a template for organisations to create their own CoE. This is based on Ethical Reading’s own CoE. You can adapt the text as appropriate to fit your organisation’s needs.

The accompanying guidelines for implementation aim to support organisations in doing so. We believe having clear expected standards of behaviour as exemplified by a CoE is a crucial step in developing a healthy and ethical workplace.

Download Ethical Reading’s CoE template and guidelines (requires email registration. By downloading these documents you consent to being added to our mailing list. You can opt out of this list at any time):


This work was in part funded by a grant from the University of Reading. We are indebted to Professor Brad Hooker and Professor Emma Borg for creating this Code of Ethics and leading the development with support from Jessica Lutkin and additional critical input from the following individuals and organisations:
• Neil Thompson, Director, WorkInConfidence
• Kieran Magee, UNITE Convener, Reading Borough Council
• Richard Lawrence, Founder, Resourcing Solutions Ltd
• Adam Jacobs, Owner, Jacobs the Jewellers Ltd.
• Nicola Ellen, Corporate Responsibility Director and Consultant, Shoosmiths Ltd.
Any errors or omissions in this document are, of course, our responsibility.