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Webinar: What is a ‘social purpose’? Does your firm have one? Should it?

June 21, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Business delivers things societies want or need, from goods and services through to things like wealth creation and employment. However, businesses also enjoy a range of benefits from society (such as access to an educated workforce, reliable transport links, and the protections of a well-functioning legal system – including limited liability for corporations).

In this session Emma explores the nature of this complex relationship between business and society (from the perspective of what is called ‘social contract theory’ in philosophy) and asks whether firms need to specify, and indeed fulfil, a ‘social purpose’ in order to earn their place in society.

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Professor Emma Borg, University of Reading

Emma has a keen interest in the relationship between business and society. In the past, her work in this area has focused on the banking sector and responses to the financial crisis of 2007-8. This led to reflecting on the nature of the social contract banks and other large corporations enjoy and exploring how a concept of ‘social licence’ might be used to help to constitute and inform business practice in the future, to ensure that practice develops in a way that respects ethical concerns, for instance about fairness.

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