Project 2020

Project 2020 – Creating a healthy and ethical workplace

The overall purpose of Project 2020 is to improve mental, physical and moral health in the workplace in the Reading and Berkshire areas. This will be achieved by providing individuals and organisations with education and training provided by experienced and inspirational speakers and trainers.

Project 2020 will provide a basic background on issues affecting the health of employees and the organisation from moral (ethical), mental and physical perspectives.

The training will be based on the core values of Ethical Reading – namely respect, responsibility, compassion, social purpose, collaboration and action with specific emphasis on individuals, in all positions within the organisation, taking responsibility for their actions. 

Project 2020 runs from January 2019 to July 2020. During this period, organisations participating are offered places at a sequence of events and interventions, included in the cost, plus access to additional events and interventions through the Brighter and Ethical Workplaces network.

Through Project 2020 we offer the chance for organisations to be part of a community addressing mental health issues, and sharing with their peers.


The benefits of this approach are:

  • be part of a peer group of organisations tackling mental health in the workplace
  • track the benefits in terms of happier employees, employee retention, time off and presenteeism
  • get support and insight from other organisations
  • ongoing access to the Brighter and Ethical Workplaces team for informal advice and contacts
  • one point of contact for a wide range of event and training modules
  • commission training with peers from our experts delivering Mental Health First Aid
  • positive impact on brand and recruitment: exceeding legal requirements.

We work with expert trainers and facilitators and people who are happy to share their lived experience. Our links with the Universities of Reading and Oxford, and with mental health practitioners, give us a well-scoped approach.

The core Project 2020 subscription includes

  • shared online space for discussions with other participants,
  • a survey of your organisation at the start and before the end of the project,
  • a series of training modules (delivered face to face and online)
  • a place at three types of workshop event: Introduction to Mental Health, Coffee/lunch discussions on a range of topics, and feedback/networking
  • access to the Brighter and Ethical Workplaces network for well-being services and specialist advice and training.

The survey will be based on standard employee questionnaire methods, plus additional questions specific to Project 2020. Results will be confidential to each organisation, though aggregates and averages may be shared to frame discussions between organisations. The survey will be taken at the beginning of the project and after 15 months.

Training course

The exact content of the training course is being reviewed by our Advisory Council.  The outline is as follows:

  • The course will consist of 10, 2 hour sessions: time and frequency of ftf delivery to be confirmed
  • Takeaways for each session, guidance on further reading – call to action: building up to a “Creating a healthy and ethical workplace” toolkit.
  • Each session available on line and available on video for participants to view again.
  • Each subject will be taken by an experience and specialist trainer
  • Each participant in the course will be asked to keep notes on how the training can benefit his/her organisation
  • The sessions will include breakouts, discussions, videos.

The topics will cover aspects of creating a healthy and ethical workplace, using an ethical framework to develop a practical set of action points.

The workshop events are:

  • Introduction to Mental Health – 3 hours
  • Coffee/Lunch Conversations – 3 x half hour events. These sessions will facilitate discussion on a particular area in mental health or ethics. Three sessions, with topics chosen by participating organisations, one per quarter.
  • Feedback session (3 hours). This will be an opportunity to share experience with peers and with the Project 2020 team so underpin next steps – for each organisation and the project team.

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