Trees for Reading

As part of Ethical Reading’s Sustainability programme, we’re mobilising Reading-based businesses to help make our town greener, literally, through our Trees for Reading initiative.

In association with Reading Tree Wardens and Reading Borough Council, we’re offering local businesses the opportunity to make a positive difference by sponsoring the planting and care of trees within the town.

What are the benefits of urban trees?

Trees in towns and cities create a haven for wildlife, improve air quality and lock away carbon. They help to cool the air in summer and absorb heavy rains. They also create a better ambience, helping to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of people who live and work nearby.

Why get involved?

Your organisation’s staff commute to work and some may also travel for business. Meanwhile the air quality in parts of Reading is deteriorating, having a negative impact on health, and we’re heading towards a global climate crisis.

Trees for Reading will enable your business to be part of the solution by investing in making our town greener, healthier and happier, creating a lasting legacy for the future.

As well as helping to offset your organisation’s negative impact by improving the local and wider environment, your involvement will provide a meaningful boost to its public image.

What next?

Would you like your organisation to make a tangible positive difference by helping to increase Reading’s tree coverage?

The standard fee to sponsor a single tree is £350 + 10% management fee – a total of £385.

In addition to paying to sponsor a tree you can volunteer staff time to help with planting and caring for trees. We also welcome offers or suggestions of suitable space for tree planting.

Find out more about the initiative and the impact of urban trees.

If you have any questions or are ready to sponsor a tree, please contact Gill Ringland at

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